About Us

Graphics of web designer sitting on a chair with website ideas over his head. I am a freelance web designer with five years of experience. I have recently arrived in London and I am continuing here with my business. In Bulgaria, the country where I previously worked, I have successfully and competitively completed many websites and SEO campaigns. In 2009 I designed a website for the Swedish company “Homec AB” which was active until 2013 when the company changed it’s activity.  One of my biggest SEO successes is a blog which I made myself for a company. The blog became very popular in Bulgaria and I was competing with the biggest companies in the country which were paying a lot of money for online popularity.


For less than a year my main activity was hardware and software repair, so I have some knowledge about this too. Often people buy a new computer because the old one is noisy, slow, or often both: and most of the times a little fan cleaning and operating system installation is enough to bring the performance back.


The main difference between me and most of the other web designers is that I enjoy the personal contact as much as the contact with the computer.