Computer Repair London

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Hardware Repair:

No fix – No Fee!

Broken laptop screen and a phone screen.

Broken Screen – £100

Processor close up stylish view on the motherboard.Broken Processor – £50

Computer video card hardwareFaulty Video Card – £50

Computer case - animated graphicsCase Related Problems – £40

Computer fan - hardware - amateur pictureCooling Fans Cleaning (overheated computer) – £40

Random Access Memory - a lot of sockets.Random Access Memory (RAM) – £40

Desctop computer power supply in it's case.Faulty Power Supply – £50

DVD drive on a laptop in open positionBroken dvd – £50

Computer hard drive - open and being repared.Damaged Hard Drive – £50

Computer motherboard - open with all the elements visible. Broken Motherboard – £100

Secure Digital Card Reader with a card insideFaulty Memory Card Readers – £50


Wireless Adapter for computes with socket pins. Faulty Wireless Adapter – £100


and others…  


Software repair


If you have some specific software requirements, click here: Link (Useful Software Services)
Software Repair might include a huge number of things like operating system installation, virus removal, data recovery, software installation, software removal, malware removal or something as simple as increasing the speed of a slow computer.


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