Graphics Design

Colored light and label - DISCOBEATSimple Text Design: 40mm X 40mm – £60

This size of text graphic is usually used to describe a column or a row in a table or something different.

 Letters hanging on a ropes. Every letter is on a board with different color.Simple Text Design: 40mm X 100mm – £100

A designs with this dimensions are usually used as a vertical banners for ads or other beneficial purposes. You can use it to advertise your own or other products or services.

 Label "GOLDEN" written with golden color on a dark blue background. Simple text design 100mm X 40mm – £100

This sort of graphics are the horizontal banners most of the time. They are placed on the top or below in the main block of the layout.

 Purple 3D city in which buildings are build vertically and horizontally. Complex Object-Text design: 40mm X 40mm – £100

Graphics of that type could be used anywhere on the web page. They are small and ideal for supporting the description with visual example.

 Abstract design with different colored lights and mirrors on a black background. Complex Object-Text design: 40mm X 100mm – £200

Placed on the main block this variety of banners gives you more space to show some impressive designs and impress your visitors.

 Yellow slippers on the beach with some text on the right. Complex Object-Text design: 100mm X 40mm – £200

This vertical graphics may be placed everywhere on the page but look very awkward on the main block. Usually you can see them on the sidebars as an advertisements.


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