Laptop Repair

No fix – No fee!


We will repair your laptop as fast as possible and give you some maintenance advice. Your personal data is safe and we’ll never keep or use any of it.


For orders or queries fill the form below and we will contact you today or tomorrow. Describe the condition of the laptop and we will give you a price estimate.


What you have to do when your laptop fails?


Fill out the form below or call the number provided on our contact page to get in touch with us. Describe the problem in the text field provided and I’ll contact you today or tomorrow. It is important for me to know if the laptop reacts in any way when the power button is pressed.


We can meet at the comfort of your own home or somewhere else suitable. I’ll diagnose your laptop and figure out which part is broken or malfunctioning. If the laptop does not receive energy properly I’ll have to fix this first and then check for other issues.


If the issue is minor I might be able to repair the laptop when we meet, however usually it takes more time and I’ll have to take the laptop with me and give you a receipt for it. Most of the time, one day is enough for the repair but some problems like liquid spillage could take more time.

Laptop return

When your laptop is fully repaired I’ll contact you to arrange a meeting at a time suitable for you. You will have the chance to check the health of  your laptop and then we can proceed with payment.


If your laptop breaks or malfunctions in the following 5 days without any obvious reason I’ll repair it again for free!


Your question is more than welcome!

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