Save access to a virus infected computer

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 File transfer from a computer infected with virus

only £50

If your valuable data is in infected computer and you don’t want to spread the virus to another device you are on the right page. Don’t worry it wont cost you a small fortune like the data recovery! The standard price for the service is £50.


• I will give you a save access to your infected computer without any risk for your personal files or other software. This is valid of course only if the files aren’t already damaged by the virus or other malicious software.

• You will be able to copy the files you need easily with just some initial help from my side.

• Your file system will be available for you in the folder structure that you have created and easily recognizable.

• This will not be dangerous for any other file systems or operating systems.

• The virus will not be passed to the new (clean) storage device.



  • Do not connect the infected computer with any storage device or other computers, phones, tablets etc.
  • Scanning your computer with antivirus software is not a bad idea, but it does not guaranty a complete removal of the virus. I actually recommend you to not use antivirus software but instead reinstall your operating system. Some viruses are not active until you use a username or password to log in some account like Facebook, Instagram or even a bank account. It just does not worth the risk.


For the supper suspicious!


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 The ultimate privacy option!

only £100

You will receive the data device used for the service as a gift. This means that I’ll provide you access to your file system and just leave without any chance of seeing any of your information.

If you  data security is a problem we can just turn your internet connection off during the process.


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