Cheap Web design + 8 hour lesson

Web Design + 8 hour lesson. Multicolored stylish graphic with white 3D foundation and pink brown radial color front.

I will design your website and I will teach you how to maintain it!

5 classic pages plus 2 bonus pages:
1. Home
2. About us
3. Products / Services
4. Fees
5. Contact us (includes a contact form)


Lesson Content

1. Designing the website in front of you.
2. Essential grasp for domain and hosting.
3. Introduction of the control panel of your hosting.
4. Business email creation.
5. Building of pages and sub pages.
6. Placing of an images.
 7. Creating of primary menu and submenu.
 8.Making links to other pages on you web site or pages of other websites.
9. SEO tips.
Blue box with shopping cart and a price


The appearance of the website and the titles of the pages are all in your control.


Important: The domain name and the hosting cost £50 per year. The £199 fee for the whole service includes the domain and the hosting for 1 year.


Most of the other companies and web developers will try to sell you the website and make a contract with you for an annual or monthly payment. I offer you the complete freedom. After the lesson you will have a functioning web site and you will know how to maintain it yourself. From the annual hosting and domain payment to the design of new pages and posts, it will all be easily in your hands.